From 2020-12-06 to 2021-01-04


13:11 Case #738 (Accepted): MDC change in DRG group 340O Testes procedures, short therapy
In Estonian grouper we have found MDC mismatch in group 340O . The primary MDC in this DRG should be MDC 12 ( Male re... Malle Avarsoo


11:31 Case #737 (Accepted): National varval texts
_Veronika Stemme, The Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare, 2020-12-16_
To make the DRG definit...
Veronika Stemme


15:13 Version #709: NordDRG 2021 FIN
Nordic Casemix Centre/Kristiina Kahur 12-12-2020
Due to the changes reported on ticket #724, #726 and #736 updated...
Kristiina Kahur


15:14 Case #736 (Accepted): Correction of rules related to diagnosis codes with DGCAT in Finnish version
This case concerns 21 Finnish diagnosis codes which have DGCAT 24M99. Since MDC24 was inactivated in Finni...
Kristiina Kahur
12:20 Case #724: WHO emergency code U07.3 and U07.4
Nordic Casemix Centre/Kristiina Kahur 10-12-2020
The required changes have been made in Finnish 2021 tables.
Kristiina Kahur
10:04 Case #724: WHO emergency code U07.3 and U07.4
The Finnish ICD10 classification has been updated with three new covid-19 codes U089, U099 and U10.9.
Finland woul...
Elina Hermiö


15:22 Case #729: Respiratory disorders in other diseases including Papilloma of larynx
2020-12-09 NCC Senior counsultant Martti Virtanen
See also case #713.
The matter of the code pair J9980*B9770 needs...
Martti Virtanen
15:19 Version #713: NordDRG 2021 SWE
2020-12-09 NCC senior consultant Martti Virtanen
The table includes teh statement from Sweden that the code pair J9...
Martti Virtanen

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