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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Target year Start date Target version
764CaseActiveMinorNew DRG for Vaccination 20222021-02-24Target version 2022
763CaseActiveMinorGrouping of bilateral surgical procedures – a case for discussion20222021-02-24
762CaseActiveMinorReducing the cases grouping to DRG 877O by moving the transluminal endoscopies from ear, nose and larynx out of the DRG 877O. 20222021-02-23NordDRG 2021
761CaseActiveMinorFollow-up examination and distance healthcare contacts cannot include operations20222021-02-23
760CaseActiveMinorProcedures for in vitro fertilization20222021-02-23Target version 2022
759CaseActiveMinor09S08 in DRG J39_269_27020222021-02-23Target version 2022
758CaseActiveMinorTrauma groups U51N & U59N20222021-02-23Target version 2022
757CaseActiveNormalDRG 808O in the Norwegian version20222021-02-22Target version 2022
756CaseActiveError correctionRename COMPL texts for congenital cardiovascular anomalies 20222021-02-22Target version 2022
754CaseActiveError correction Covid-19 new codes by WHO20202021-02-19
753CaseActiveMajorDRG grouping of procedurecode EGC30 – new DRG 57A20222021-02-18Target version 2022
752CaseActiveMinorFour CC exclusions20222021-02-10Target version 2022
751CaseActiveMinorNew DRG:s for aftercare for cardiovascular disease20222021-02-04Target version 2022
748CaseActiveMinorComplicating properties in MDC5- should all of them complicate the cases?20222021-01-29Target version 2022
747CaseActiveNormalSplitting of DRG 209D and 209E Insertion of primary hip replacement based the cause of surgery20222021-01-29Target version 2022
746CaseActiveNormalPreeclampsia, a serious pregnancy complication, need of splitting DRG 370 and 372?20222021-01-29Target version 2022
745CaseActiveMinorRadiofrequency ablation treatment of Barrett’s esophagus with dysplasia20222021-01-29Target version 2022
744CaseActiveMajorFeatures for diagnosis codes U11.9 and U12.920222021-01-28Target version 2022
742CaseActiveMajorNew DRG 805P (805NP) Cardioversion, short therapy, in Finnish version20222021-01-22Target version 2022
741CaseActiveMajorSplitting DRG 467 Other factors influencing health status based on the CC/non-CC20222021-01-22Target version 2022
740CaseActiveMinorIntravesical instillation20222021-01-20Target version 2022
738CaseActiveMinorMDC change in DRG group 340O Testes procedures, short therapy 20212021-01-04
737CaseActiveNormalNational varval texts20222020-12-18Target version 2022
731CaseActiveMinorFeatures of dg icd+ code U070020222020-10-26
730CaseActiveError correctionDg code with activating DGPROP and inactivated CC-category20222020-10-26
729CaseActiveMinorRespiratory disorders in other diseases including Papilloma of larynx20222020-10-20Target version 2022
725Questions and answersActiveNormalDRG splitting criteria20212020-09-09
724CaseActiveMinorWHO emergency code U07.3 and U07.420222020-09-03
719GrouperActiveMajorDiagnosis property 23X01 & properties ending with X992020-08-20NordDRG 2021
718CaseActiveMinorNew classification for vascular surgery20212020-07-14
697CaseFurther activeError correctionCombined lung & liver transplantation20212020-04-08NordDRG 2021
694Questions and answersActiveNormalICD-11 and WHO initiative in Estonia20212020-03-05
690NDMSFurther activeMinorUse of ATC codes in NordDRG and NDMS2020-02-25
687CaseActiveMinorIn vitro fertilization20212020-02-18
685CaseFurther activeError correctionOR 1 is changed to OR 2 for 44 procedurecodes named "Injection of…."20212020-02-14Target version 2021
675CaseFurther activeNormalDRG grouping of procedure code EGC30 Implant of jaw joint prothesis20212020-01-31Target version 2021
674CaseFurther activeMinorHypertherm perfusion20212020-01-31NordDRG 2021
662NDMSFurther activeMinorCC category coding and CC exclusions in NordDRG20222019-11-05Target version 2021
627CaseFurther activeMinorT855 groups to DRG 921O20202019-02-12
551Questions and answersActiveMinorFNG05 and TFP00 lead to DRG 115A Removal of permanent cardiac pacemaker or defibrillator2017-04-05
549Development initiativeActiveNormalPsychiatry20182017-03-28
547Development initiativeActiveMajorNordDRG logic versions combined to one table. 2017-03-08
545Development initiativeActiveMajorRequests for development of the NordDRG grouper2017-02-22
519Questions and answersActiveNormalEndovascular coiling of cerebral arteries2017-01-26
508Questions and answersActiveNormalIntensive care in the NordDRG grouping logic2017-01-17Expert Group 2017
460Questions and answersActiveMinorSuggestions for a better upgrading process2016-01-28
75Development initiativeActiveNormalRehabilitation20152013-09-03
73Development initiativeActiveNormalGrouping of out-patients (including Drugs)2013-09-03
72Development initiativeActiveNormalPrimary care grouping2013-09-03
70Development initiativeActiveNormalHand surgery development in sweden2013-01-01


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