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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Target year Start date Target version
431Meeting ClosedMinorExpert Group Meeting20162015-09-07Expert Group 2015
427CaseAcceptedNormalIntroduction of DRG 470 subgroups to Finnish version20162015-03-24Expert Group 2015
423CaseAcceptedError correctionDefinition of puerperal? 20162015-03-12Expert Group 2015
422CaseAcceptedError correctionThe ‘tooth and mouth diseases’ need to be defined for DRG DRG 186O/C55O in NordDRG SWE20162015-03-11Expert Group 2015
421CaseAcceptedError correctionImpossilble rules in NordDRG SWE 201520162015-03-11Expert Group 2015
411CaseAcceptedMajorRevision of DRGs regarding Multiple significant trauma (484, 485, 486, 486O and 487) – MDC 2120162015-03-07Expert Group 2015
409CaseAcceptedMinorVulvectomy20162015-02-26Expert Group 2015
408CaseAcceptedMinorRespiratory failure in newborns 20162015-02-26Expert Group 2015
407CaseAcceptedMinorNormal birth without procedure 20162015-02-26Expert Group 2015
406CaseAcceptedMinorChronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)20162015-02-26Expert Group 2015
405CaseAcceptedMinorRemoval of genital virus warts20162015-02-26Expert Group 2015
404CaseAcceptedMinorIntracranial stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS)20162015-02-26Expert Group 2015
403CaseAcceptedMinorNormal newborn, birth weight over 2500 g, with other significant problem20162015-02-26Expert Group 2015
402CaseAcceptedMinorCombination of GEXX00 'Needle biopsy of mediastinum' and gastrointestinal endoscopies 20162015-02-24Expert Group 2015
401CaseAcceptedError correctionMissing rules for DRG 494X in COM version20152015-02-23Expert Group 2015
399CaseAcceptedNormalSplit of DRG 814P (Spontaneous or drug induced abortion)20162015-02-12Expert Group 2015
398CaseAcceptedMinorStill non-delivery cases in inpatient vaginal delivery DRGs20162015-02-11Expert Group 2015
397CaseAcceptedMinorCompl value for urinary tract infection N3920162015-02-11Expert Group 2015
396CaseAcceptedMinorInfluenzas, pneumonias and other severe infections - CC/MCC categories and their exclusions20162015-02-11Expert Group 2015
394CaseAcceptedMinorTransoesophageal ultrasound examination of mediastinum20162015-02-11Expert Group 2015
393CaseAcceptedMinorInconsistent CC-MCC grading case39320162015-02-11Expert Group 2015
392CaseAcceptedMinorPancreas interventions in cases with problems of unspecified digestive organs20162015-02-11Expert Group 2015
390CaseAcceptedMinorVein ligation & stripping (E30/119) - assignment should be based on principal dx on varicose veins20162015-02-11Expert Group 2015
389CaseAcceptedMinorCodes for minor interventions should have no grouping properties - FXF106 'Orthostatic test' & QXFX00 'Measurement of skin temperature20162015-02-11Expert Group 2015
388CaseAcceptedMinorColonoscopy with gynecological diagnosis20162015-02-11Expert Group 2015
387CaseAcceptedMinorMeasurement of bone density, respirtatory interventions, longterm monitoring, soft tissue incision and orthopaedic bandage.20162015-02-11Expert Group 2015
385CaseAcceptedMinorImplantation of loop recorder20162015-02-09Expert Group 2015
384CaseAcceptedMinorChange of name in NordDRG - 'Other xxx operation' vs 'Other operation on xxx' (Swedish DRG M29)20162015-02-09Expert Group 2015
383CaseAcceptedMinorProcedure code PHT32, add procedure property 07S0720162015-02-09Expert Group 2015
382CaseAcceptedMinorPsychiatric dx for childhood and adult patients (ICD codes F93, F94, F98 and R62)20162015-02-09Expert Group 2015
381CaseAcceptedMinorCoding of sleep distubances (other and unspecified G4780 and G4790) and sleep apnoe investigations - what is correct DRG?20162015-02-09Expert Group 2015
380CaseAcceptedMinorText error in Swe DRG G06 (DRG 193/194)20162015-02-09Expert Group 2015
379CaseAcceptedMinorAdministrative intervention code results in assignment to an administrative DRG in a clinical situation (Arthropathy code (M-chapter in ICD-10) together with procedure code lead to an administrative DRG)20162015-02-09Expert Group 2015
378CaseRejectedMinorCorrection of DRGlogic for empty values on columng ICD (Doctors team visit)20162015-02-09Expert Group 2015
376CaseAcceptedMinorOutpatient visits with impossible/unspecified procedure20162015-02-09Expert Group 2015
375CaseAcceptedMinorInjection Treatment of Urinary Incontinence20162015-02-06Expert Group 2015
374CaseAcceptedMajorReorganizing pacemaker procedures for outpatients (Split of DRG E28O /115O)20162015-01-27Expert Group 2015
373CaseAcceptedMajorInsertion of cochlear implant20162015-02-05Expert Group 2015
372CaseAcceptedMajorCare events without patient contact20162015-02-05Expert Group 2015
371CaseAcceptedMajorStrabismus surgery20162015-01-27Expert Group 2015
370CaseAcceptedMajorGender Validation20162016-12-21Expert Group 2015
369CaseAcceptedMajorRevision of DRGs with cardiac catheterization (124A/B and 125A/B)20162015-01-28Expert Group 2015
368CaseAcceptedMajorIntroducing new DRGs for cases with ischemic stroke in case i/v thrombolytic treatment is performed20162015-01-24Expert Group 2015
367CaseAcceptedMajorThe intermediate results of testing the CC-grouper on Finnish data20162015-01-22Expert Group 2015
366CaseAcceptedMajorRevision of properties of diagnoses complicating the cesarean section20182015-01-22Expert Group 2015
365CaseAcceptedMajorOther blockade of nerve (WX290) is not anesthesia of mouth (03X10)20162015-01-22Expert Group 2015
364CaseAcceptedError correctionError in FIN 2015 version20152014-12-16Expert Group 2015
355CaseAcceptedError correctionDRG's 482 and 483 are not usable in Estonian NordDRG due to incomplete coding20142014-11-18Expert Group 2015
353CaseAcceptedError correctionNorwegian codes for cytostatic medication20152014-11-03Expert Group 2015
351CaseAcceptedError correctionIntravascular radioactive therapy of malignancies in liver20152014-10-20Expert Group 2015

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