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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Subject Priority Initiator Start date Target year Target version
791CaseActiveSclerosation of pelvic or vulvar varicesError correctionSweden2021-09-162022Target version 2022
787CaseActiveSwedish ATC-codes updates for SWE PR2022MinorSweden2021-09-052022
786CaseActiveAdding rows to Swedish DRG X97O/R VaccinationMinorSweden2021-09-052022
785CaseActiveThe use of property SDGPRO in outpatient rehabilitationMinorNorway2021-09-032022Target version 2022
783CaseActiveNorwegian changes to ICD-10 and procedurecodes for 2020MinorNorway2021-08-252022Target version 2022
779CaseActiveSwedish updates of ICD-10 and procedure codes for 2022MinorSweden2021-06-182022
777CaseActiveGrouping of liver, bile duct and pancreas endoscopic ultrasound examinationMinorIceland2021-06-162023
776CaseActiveError correction for ICD-codes Q41Error correctionSweden2021-06-012022Target version 2022
763CaseFurther activeGrouping of bilateral surgical procedures – a case for discussionMinorNorway2021-02-242022
759CaseFurther active09S08 in DRG J39_269_270MinorSweden2021-02-232022Target version 2022
753CaseFurther activeDRG grouping of procedurecode EGC30 – new DRG 57AMajorNorway2021-02-182022Target version 2022
748CaseFurther activeComplicating properties in MDC5- should all of them complicate the cases?MinorNorway2021-01-292022Target version 2022
747CaseFurther activeSplitting of DRG 209D and 209E Insertion of primary hip replacement based the cause of surgeryNormalNorway2021-01-292022Target version 2022
746CaseFurther activePreeclampsia, a serious pregnancy complication, need of splitting DRG 370 and 372?NormalNorway2021-01-292022Target version 2022
730CaseActiveDg code with activating DGPROP and inactivated CC-categoryError correctionNordic Casemix Centre2020-10-262022


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