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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Subject Priority Initiator Start date Target year Target version
696CaseActiveDRG assignment for COVID-19Error correctionNordic Casemix Centre2020-03-272020, 2021
692CaseActiveGenetic counselingMinorNorway2020-02-282021NordDRG 2021
691CaseActiveMDC 98MinorSweden2020-02-262021
689CaseActiveMerging the Swedish outpatient DRGs M32P & M32Q for dialysisMajorSweden2020-02-192021NordDRG 2021
687CaseActiveIn vitro fertilizationMinorNorway2020-02-182021
685CaseActiveOR 1 is changed to OR 2 for 44 procedurecodes named "Injection of…."Error correctionNorway2020-02-142021Target version 2021
683CaseFurther activeBreast lift/ mastopexyMinorNorway2020-02-132021Target version 2021
682CaseActiveChronic uveitis treated with specific biological drug treatment should group to 808H in the Norwegian versionMinorNorway2020-02-132021Target version 2021
678CaseActiveDGPROP 24X90 & 24X99MinorSweden2020-02-062021NordDRG 2021
677CaseActiveChanging the features of diagnosis code U07.1MinorNordic Casemix Centre2020-02-052020
675CaseActiveDRG grouping of procedure code EGC30 Implant of jaw joint prothesisNormalNorway2020-01-312021Target version 2021
674CaseActiveHypertherm perfusionMinorSweden2020-01-312021NordDRG 2021
673CaseActiveSepsis from 2020MinorSweden2020-01-302021NordDRG 2021
672CaseFurther activeC671 Deceased during daycare visitMinorSweden2020-01-302021
669CaseFurther activeChange of grouping the hemodialysis cases with main diagnosis from MDC10 from DRG 810O to 317OMinorFinland2020-01-272021
667CaseFurther activeSplit of DRG 296 Nutritional & misc metabolic disorders, age > 17 w cc into CC and MCC groupsMinorFinland2020-01-272021
666CaseFurther activeSplit of DRG 294 Diabetes age > 35 into non-CC, CC and MCCMinorFinland2020-01-272021
665CaseFurther activeMerge of DRGs 286O Adrenal & pituitary procedures, short therapy and 289O Parathyroid procedures, short therapyMinorFinland2020-01-272021Target version 2021
658CaseFurther activeEST_DRG name correction Error correctionEstonia2019-10-032020
627CaseFurther activeT855 groups to DRG 921OMinorNorway2019-02-122020


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