Cases: 2014

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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Subject Priority Initiator Start date Target year Target version
429CaseAcceptedUnusual combination of diagnosis and intervention assigned to DRG 470Error correctionEstonia2015-04-082014, 2015, 2016Expert Group 2016
355CaseAcceptedDRG's 482 and 483 are not usable in Estonian NordDRG due to incomplete codingError correctionEstonia2014-11-182014Expert Group 2015
235CaseAcceptedCorrected PROCPR for ZZL00 (Free graft of amniotic membrane)MinorSweden2014-02-142014Expert Group 2014
108CaseAcceptedCase 2013-MDC30-01 Prophylactic mastectomy with reconstruction of mammaNormal2013-10-252014Expert Group 2013
107CaseAcceptedCase 2013-MDC14-05 Vacuum/forceps/breech delivery, multiple deliveries, and preterm deliveryError correctionFinland2013-10-252014Expert Group 2013
106CaseAcceptedCase 2013-MDC14-03 Procedures for ectopic pregnancy, short therapy - few cases and small difference to inpatientsNormalFinland2013-10-252014Expert Group 2013
105CaseAcceptedCase 2013-MDC14-02 Vaginal delivery w associated procedure, short therapy - too few cases for a DRGNormalFinland2013-10-252014Expert Group 2013
104CaseAcceptedCase 2013-MDC07-01 Complicated liver transplantationNormalSweden2013-10-252014
103CaseAcceptedCase 2013-MDC08-01 Major pelvic, hip & femur procNormal2013-10-252014
101CaseAcceptedCase 2009-OR-01 Problems with DRG 530-541Normal2013-10-242014Expert Group 2013
100CaseAcceptedCase 2013-GEN-07 DRG name revision and error correction of MDC membershipNormalNorway2013-10-212014
99CaseAcceptedCase 2013-GEN-06 Revision of duration limits for outpatient DRGsNormalNorway2013-10-212014
98CaseAcceptedCase 2013-GEN-05 Revision of DRGs for same day inpatient stays without significant proceduresNormal2013-10-212014
97CaseAcceptedCase 2013-GEN-04 Removal of procedure related outpatient DRGs for procedures quite common in outpatient clinicsNormalNorway2013-10-212014
96CaseAcceptedCase 2013-GEN-03 Revision of Norwegian complication propertiesNormalNorway2013-10-212014
95CaseAcceptedCase 2013-GEN-01 ECLA/ECHLA (/ECMO) indicates high level intensive care Minor2014
94CaseAcceptedCase 2013-CC-01 Complications and comorbidities (CC, MCC) without exclusions NormalSweden2013-10-212014
93CaseAcceptedCase 2013-MDC03-01 Merger and other changes of several ENT-DRGsNormalNorway2013-10-172014
92CaseAcceptedCase 2013-MDC14-06 Revising the assignment rules of abortion casesMajorFinland2013-10-172014Expert Group 2013
66CaseAcceptedCase 2013-CC-02 - Inconsistent CC gradingMajorSweden2014Expert Group 2013
65CaseAcceptedCase 2013-GEN-02 - Introduction of new CC-list in Finnish grouperNormalFinland2013-08-292014Expert Group 2013
64CaseAcceptedCase 2013-MDC05-01 - Endovenous treatment of varicose veinsNormalNorway2013-08-292014Expert Group 2013
63CaseAcceptedCase 2013-MDC14-04 - Splitting DRG 379 'Threatend abortion'MajorFinland2013-01-272014
61CaseAcceptedCase 2013-MDC15-01 - Neonates under birth weight less than 1000g in DRG 385B (Follow-up care of neonatal problems or delayed neonatal problem)NormalFinland2013-08-282014Expert Group 2013
1CaseAcceptedCase 2013-MDC15-02 - Normal Newborns in DRG 390 'Neonate, birthweight 2500 g or more, with other significant problem'MajorFinland2013-01-272014Expert Group 2013


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