Cases: 2012

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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Subject Priority Initiator Start date Target year Target version
241CaseAcceptedCase 2008-GEN-05 Effect of ZT (or ZZ in original NCSP) coddes (Grafts, flaps and tissue expanders) on DRG assignmentMajorFinland2008-02-282012Expert Group 2011
192CaseAcceptedCase 2010-MDC23-01 The Z-diagnoses in MDC23MajorSweden2009-12-032012Expert Group 2011
191CaseAcceptedCase 2010-MDC18-02 DRG-logic for sepsisNormalSweden2014-01-162012Expert Group 2011
170CaseAcceptedCase 2010-MDC05-01 Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI)NormalSweden2014-01-132012Expert Group 2011
164CaseAcceptedCase 2010-MDC01-01 Spinal cord stimulationNormalNorway, Sweden2014-01-092012Expert Group 2011
162CaseAcceptedCase 2011-MDC30-01 Grouping of cases with removal of breast as preeptive measure after cancer in the other breastNormalNorway2014-01-082012Expert Group 2011
161CaseAcceptedCase 2011-MDC19-01 SchizofreniNormalSweden2014-01-082012Expert Group 2011
160CaseAcceptedCase 2011-MDC17-01 Merging DRG 411 and 412 to one DRG for “History of malignancy”NormalSweden2011-03-182012Expert Group 2011
159CaseAcceptedCase 2011-MDC09-01 Skin procedures on penis and scrotumNormalSweden2014-01-082012Expert Group 2011
156CaseAcceptedCase 2011-MDC06-01 Injection Treatment of Faecal IncontinenceNormalSweden2014-01-082012Expert Group 2011
153CaseAcceptedCase 2011-MDC05-04 Revision of complication criteria for PCI treatmentsNormalNorway2014-01-072012Expert Group 2011
151CaseAcceptedCase 2011-MDC05-02 Hierarchy problem in DRG 103NormalSweden2014-01-072012Expert Group 2011
150CaseAcceptedCase 2011-MDC05-01 Cardiac arrestNormalSweden2012Expert Group 2011
149CaseAcceptedCase 2011-MDC08-03 Revision of the procedure property 08S04 "Musculosceletal system or connective tissue biopsyNormalNorway2014-01-072012Expert Group 2011
148CaseAcceptedCase 2011-MDC08-02 More procedures for DRG 214B/215B (Spinal fusions)NormalSweden2014-01-032012Expert Group 2011
147CaseAcceptedCase 2011-MDC08-01 Major knee operationsNormalSweden2014-01-032012Expert Group 2011
146CaseRejectedCase 2011-MDC03-01 Microlaryngoscopic treatment of lesions in the larynxNormalNorway2014-01-032012Expert Group 2011
145CaseAcceptedCase 2011-MDC02-01 OR change for CBSB00 Excision of chalazionNormalNorway2014-01-032012Expert Group 2011
144CaseAcceptedCase 2011-GEN-02 OR change for QXSB00 Suture of unspecified region of skinNormalNorway2014-01-032012Expert Group 2011
143CaseAcceptedCase 2011-GEN-01 Previously valid but now invalid primary codesNormalSweden2014-01-022012Expert Group 2011
110CaseAcceptedCase 2012-GEN-01 Revision of CC-properties based on Swedish CC-projectNormalFinland, Sweden2013-11-192012Expert Group 2012


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