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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Target year Start date Target version Target Grouper
552CaseAcceptedError correctionInjection of therapeutic agent into or percutaneous occlusion of iliac artery (PDST30) in gynegolocigal problems20172017-04-11COMMON, DEN, EST, FIN, ICE, LAT, NOR, SWE
524CaseAcceptedMinorcf. 2017 changes, diagnostic radiology 20172017-01-27NOR
523CaseAcceptedMajorcf. 2017 changes "Annen bildeveiledet"20172017-01-27Target version 2017NOR
490CaseAcceptedError correctionMissing age limit for DRG 313X 'Urethral procedures, age > 17 w/o cc'20172016-10-18Target version 2017FIN
489CaseAcceptedMinorDose planning for radiotherapy20172016-09-07NOR
488CaseAcceptedMinorRetroperitoneal fibrosis20172016-09-07Target version 2017
486CaseAcceptedError correctionError correction (DRG 301 and DRG 301F)20172016-06-27FIN
485CaseAcceptedMinorCorrection of Swedish ICD-10- and Procedure Codes 201620172016-06-22Target version 2017SWE
484CaseAcceptedError correctionKidney disease caused by infection is not psychosis. 20172016-06-15COMMON, DEN, EST, FIN, ICE, LAT, NOR, SWE
483CaseAcceptedError correctionPercutaneous coronary artery thrombectomy, atherectomy and stenosis rotablation20172016-06-09FIN
482CaseAcceptedMinorProstate biopsy20172016-04-13Target version 2017NOR
481CaseAcceptedMinorMerging DRG 806S Mindre invasive gastrointestinal biopsy and 807P Gastrointestinal biopsy for lever- og galleveistilstand 20172016-04-13NOR
480CaseAcceptedMinorDesensitization to allergens20172016-04-13Target version 2017NOR
479CaseAcceptedMinorDelete DRG 908R Ortopedisk diagnostisk ultralyd 20172016-04-13NOR
478CaseAcceptedMinorExtracorporeal VAD does not fit with cases in DRG 10320172016-03-01Expert Group 2016COMMON
477CaseAcceptedMinorProperties of coronary artery catherisations20172016-03-01Expert Group 2016FIN
476CaseAcceptedError correctionKBE22 OR property correction20172016-02-26Expert Group 2016EST
475CaseAcceptedMinorNew groupings properties for ICD-10 code U06.9 that in Sweden got the code text “Infection with Zika Virus”20172016-02-25Expert Group 2016SWE
474CaseAcceptedMinorDRG grouping of expensive urinary sphincter prosthesis 20172016-02-25Expert Group 2016COMMON, DEN, EST, FIN, ICE, LAT, NOR, SWE
473CaseAcceptedMinorCases coded with the procedure AAG50 (Intracranial stereotactic radiosurgery) will in some cases be grouped to DRG 468 or DRG 468O20172016-02-25Expert Group 2016NOR
472CaseAcceptedMinorNon-surgical treatment of endocarditis; infection in native valves and prosthetic endocarditis sorts to different DRG groups20172016-02-25Expert Group 2016COMMON
471CaseAcceptedMinorPremature children older than 28 days in SWE NordDRG logic20172016-02-25Expert Group 2016COMMON, DEN, EST, FIN, ICE, LAT, NOR, SWE
470CaseAcceptedMinorMalignant melanoma of eyelid20172016-02-25Expert Group 2016COMMON
469CaseAcceptedMinorRevision of properties of cytostatic and radiotherapy procedure codes20172016-02-25Expert Group 2016FIN
468CaseAcceptedNormalConference about patient is not a team visit20172017-02-08Expert Group 2016SWE
467CaseAcceptedMinorResuscitation20172016-02-17Expert Group 2016SWE
466CaseAcceptedMinorDiagnose-code A97.1 Dengue with warning signs should have COMPL 18C2420172016-02-17Expert Group 2016COMMON, ICE, LAT, NOR, SWE
465CaseAcceptedMinorShort text for DRG H29N20172016-02-17Expert Group 2016SWE
464CaseAcceptedMinorDoctor visits, septicemia20172016-02-10Expert Group 2016SWE
463CaseAcceptedMajorIntroduction of Primary Care in the Swedish NorDRG system for 201720172016-02-02Expert Group 2016SWE
462CaseAcceptedMinorPeripheral nerve blockades on fingers and toes should not have 00X1020172016-01-28Expert Group 2016SWE
461CaseAcceptedMinorDay surgery DRGs for doctors only20172016-01-28Expert Group 2016SWE
459CaseAcceptedMinorSplenectomy, short therapy20172016-01-27Expert Group 2016
458CaseAcceptedMinorMerge of DRGs 301B and 910C20172016-01-27Expert Group 2016FIN
455CaseAcceptedMinorMerge of DRG 342 and 34320172016-01-26Expert Group 2016FIN
454CaseAcceptedMinorMerge of DRGs 482 and 482O20172016-01-26Expert Group 2016SWE
453CaseAcceptedMinorMerge of DRGs 169 and 169O20172016-01-26Expert Group 2016FIN
452CaseAcceptedMinorSeptic shock & Severe sepsis20172016-01-22Expert Group 2016SWE
449CaseAcceptedMinorOR and procedure property can be removed from Z41220172015-12-22Expert Group 2016SWE
434CaseAcceptedMinorCandida infections as complicating dx20172015-10-07Expert Group 2016COMMON, DEN, EST, FIN, ICE, LAT, NOR, SWE
395CaseAcceptedMinorGrouping of U9990 'Diagnostic information missing '20172015-02-11Expert Group 2016SWE
526CaseRejectedMinorK66.2 Retroperitoneal fibrosis20172017-01-27Target version 2017NOR
522CaseRejectedMinorcf. 2017 changes FNE12B and FNE22B20172017-01-26Target version 2017NOR
457CaseRejectedMinorMerge of DRGs 481P and 481B20172016-01-27Expert Group 2016FIN
456CaseRejectedMinorMerge of DRGs 481O and 481A20172016-01-26Expert Group 2016FIN


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