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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Target year Start date Target version
426Questions and answersActiveNormalNew cases to NordDRG Forum2015-03-16
460Questions and answersActiveMinorSuggestions for a better upgrading process2016-01-28
508Questions and answersActiveNormalIntensive care in the NordDRG grouping logic2017-01-17Expert Group 2017
513Questions and answersActiveMajorPossible change of the PROCPROP of KGV30 and KGV40 (implementation or revision of penile prosthesis)20182017-01-20Expert Group 2017
519Questions and answersActiveNormalEndovascular coiling of cerebral arteries2017-01-26
551Questions and answersActiveMinorFNG05 and TFP00 lead to DRG 115A Removal of permanent cardiac pacemaker or defibrillator2017-04-05
694Questions and answersActiveNormalICD-11 and WHO initiative in Estonia20212020-03-05


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