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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Target year Start date Target version
663CaseActiveMinorError correction in Psychiatric open daycare for Sweden in DRGlogic.20202019-11-10Target version 2020
662CaseActiveMinorCC category coding and CC exclusions in NordDRG20212019-11-05Target version 2021
660CaseActiveMinorError corrections 20191011 for some of the conservatory outpatient visits DRG that are 'doctors visits' do not have 'OR N' 20202019-10-11
659CaseActiveMinorError correction of the Swedish definitionstables20202019-10-11
658CaseActiveError correctionEST_DRG name correction 20202019-10-03
653CaseActiveMinorDiagnosis category 30M05 standardized to 30M99. 20202019-08-12Target version 2020
651CaseActiveMinorNorwegian changes to ICD-10 and procedurecodes for 202020202019-07-01Target version 2020
649CaseActiveMinorUppdates of the Swedish definitiontables for PL-version 202020202019-05-31NordDRG 2020
648CaseActiveMajorDelivery of NordDRG 2020PL0 definition tables FIN20202019-05-20
647CaseActiveMajorDelivery of NordDRG 2020PL0 definition tables SWE20202019-05-20
646CaseActiveMajorDelivery of NordDRG 2020PL0 definition tables NOR20202019-05-20
645CaseActiveMajorDelivery of NordDRG 2020PL0 definition tables EST20202019-05-20Target version 2020
644CaseActiveMajorDelivery of NordDRG 2020PL0 definition tables LAT20202019-05-20
643CaseActiveMajorDelivery of NordDRG 2020PL0 definition tables ICE20202019-05-20
642CaseActiveError correctionHarmonization of Swedish DRGs20202019-04-08NordDRG 2020
641CaseRe-activatedError correctionMissing plus signs in ICD field in Drglogic20202019-03-05NordDRG 2020
639CaseActiveMinorNordDRG 2019 Swe defintion tables20192019-02-26
636CaseFurther activeMinorRemoval and change of catheter for dialysis20202019-02-23NordDRG 2020
635CaseFurther activeMinorInjection into the vocal cord 20202019-02-15NordDRG 2020
633CaseFurther activeMinorLiposuction20202019-02-15NordDRG 2020
630CaseFurther activeMinorSurgery - short therapy20192019-02-14Target version 2019
629CaseFurther activeMajorEmergency care for short stay cases in DRG20202019-02-14Target version 2019
627CaseFurther activeMinorT855 groups to DRG 921O20202019-02-12
626CaseFurther activeNormalIntegrating ICPC2 codes into NordDRG system20202019-02-08
620CaseRe-activatedMinorHealthy person following sick20202019-01-24NordDRG 2020
616CaseRe-activatedMajorDischarge information (transfer) not available anymore, change of the grouping rules of respective DRGs (391, 385A and 456)20202019-01-18
613CaseFurther activeMinorInterventions with 09S07 'Other skin, subcutaneous tissue or breast procedure' without OR=120202018-12-11NordDRG 2020


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