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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Target year Start date Target version
724CaseActiveMinorWHO emergency code U07.3 and U07.420212020-09-03
722CaseActiveMinorNorwegian changes 2021, ICD-10 and procedurecodes20212020-08-27
718CaseActiveMinorNew classification for vascular surgery20212020-07-14
707CaseActiveError correctionError correction of Swedish codes, codetext, ATC codes and some other errors20212020-05-18Target version 2021
697CaseFurther activeError correctionCombined lung & liver transplantation20212020-04-08NordDRG 2021
687CaseActiveMinorIn vitro fertilization20212020-02-18
685CaseFurther activeError correctionOR 1 is changed to OR 2 for 44 procedurecodes named "Injection of…."20212020-02-14Target version 2021
675CaseFurther activeNormalDRG grouping of procedure code EGC30 Implant of jaw joint prothesis20212020-01-31Target version 2021
674CaseFurther activeMinorHypertherm perfusion20212020-01-31NordDRG 2021
672CaseFurther activeMinorC671 Deceased during daycare visit20212020-01-30
627CaseFurther activeMinorT855 groups to DRG 921O20202019-02-12


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