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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Target year Start date Target version
559CaseActiveMinorDRG 470 - rule for normal newborn and intensive care20182017-10-10Target version 2018
558CaseActiveMajorSplitting of DRG 224 and DRG 224O20182017-10-09Target version 2018
556CaseActiveMinorPrimary classification updates in Sweden 2017-08-10
555CaseActiveMinorMyocardia infarction - technical correction 20182017-07-05Target version 2018
554CaseActiveMinorDental care vs ENM mouth care20182017-07-05Target version 2018
552CaseActiveError correctionInjection of therapeutic agent into or percutaneous occlusion of iliac artery (PDST30) in gynegolocigal problems20172017-04-11
550CaseActiveMinorCoding of Candida oesophagitis20182017-04-04
548CaseActiveError correctionCorrecting the DGCAT of Z453, Z461 and Z97420182017-03-10Expert Group 2017
544CaseActiveMinorNormal newborn, birth weight over 2500 g, with other significant problem20182017-02-22Target version 2018
543CaseActiveMinorDupuytren’s contracture treated with the procedure NDM06 Percutaneous needle fasciotomy should be grouped to DRG 808I Non-surgical treatment for Dupuytrens contracture. 20182017-02-22Target version 2018
542CaseActiveError correctionMissing plus signs for ICD in Drglogic2017-02-22Target version 2018
541CaseActiveMinorCombined groin hernia operations20182017-02-22Target version 2018
540CaseActiveMinorProcedures for ingrown nails20182017-02-22Target version 2018
539CaseActiveMinorDiastasis recti20182017-02-22Target version 2018
538CaseActiveMinorPercutaneous occlusion of a. lienalis 20182017-02-20Target version 2018
537CaseActiveMinorDRG for health care at a distance20182017-02-20Expert Group 2017
536CaseActiveMinor«Reconstruction-total replacements» procedures20182017-02-17Target version 2018
535CaseFurther activeMinorCentral Venous catheters20182017-02-17Target version 2018
533CaseFurther activeMinorProblems with "missing values" in the NordDRG system2017-02-16
532CaseActiveNormalENA Incision in palate20182017-02-08Target version 2018
531CaseActiveNormalXS008 (Conference about patient) to DRG for Team-visit20182017-02-08Expert Group 2017
530CaseActiveMinorU19A changed to U05N by addition of NDL4920182017-02-03Minor-Proposals-for-2016
529CaseActiveMinorLaryngectomy always include tracheostomy20182017-02-03Minor-Proposals-for-2016
527CaseActiveMajorPlastic surgery after excessive weight loss (incl post bariatric surgery)20182017-01-27Target version 2018
525CaseActiveMinorK50.8 Crohns disease (Crohns disease in both small and large disease)20182017-01-27Target version 2018
524CaseActiveMinorcf. 2017 changes, diagnostic radiology 20172017-01-27
523CaseActiveMajorcf. 2017 changes "Annen bildeveiledet"20172017-01-27Target version 2017
521CaseActiveNormalIslet cell transplantation20182017-01-27Target version 2018
517CaseActiveMajorNew DRG in MDC2 for transplantation of cornea (short therapy)20182017-01-23Expert Group 2017
516CaseActiveNormalRearranging the cases in DRG 038O Primary iris procedures, short therapy and 042O Intraocular procedures except retina iris and lens, short therapy20182017-01-23Expert Group 2017
515CaseActiveNormalDRG 802O Non-extensive procedure of eye, short therapy– separating the cases puncture of vitreous body with injection of medication20182017-01-20Expert Group 2017
514CaseActiveMajorDRG 041O Other interventions for problems in eye region, short therapy– splitting into two groups– with and without anesthesia20182017-01-20Expert Group 2017
512CaseActiveMajorNew DRG for Transurethral incision of prostate, TUIP20182017-01-20Expert Group 2017
511CaseActiveNormalMerging DRGs 036A Other retinal procedures and DRG 036B Extensive procedure for retinal detachment20182017-01-18Expert Group 2017
510CaseActiveNormalMerging DRGs 038 Primary iris procedures and DRG 042 Intraocular procedures except retina, iris and lens20182017-01-18Expert Group 2017
509CaseActiveNormalMerging DRGs 040N Extraocular procedures except orbit age >17and DRG 041 Other interventions for problems in eye region, age 0-1720182017-01-18Expert Group 2017
507CaseActiveNormalNew DRG in MDC12 for outpatient stereotactic radiotherapy or demanding isotope therapy cases20182017-01-17Expert Group 2017
506CaseActiveNormalNew DRG in MDC22 for outpatient cases with Dressing of major burn 20182017-01-17Expert Group 2017
505CaseActiveNormalDRG 458 Non-extensive burns with skin graft– splitting into two groups– with and without general anesthesia20182017-01-17Expert Group 2017
504CaseActiveNormalMerging DRG 472O Extensive burns with o. r. procedure, short therapy and DRG 459O Non-extensive burns with wound debridement or other o. r. procedure, short therapy20182017-01-17Expert Group 2017
503CaseActiveMajorDRG 315 Other kidney and urinary tract o. r. procedures– splitting into different groups20182017-01-16Expert Group 2017
502CaseFurther activeMajorDRG 316 Kidney failure – splitting into two groups– with and without cc and dialysis20182017-01-16Expert Group 2017
500CaseActiveMinorC624 Diagnoses which may not be main diagnos20182016-12-29Expert Group 2017
499CaseActiveMinorP94 Disorders of muscle tone, children >1 year20182016-12-22Expert Group 2017
498CaseActiveMinorCoronary angio with measurement of intra-arterial pressure20182016-12-22Expert Group 2017
497CaseActiveMinorOutpatient ECT to RG T76O/877V - Electroconvulsive Therapy20182016-12-22Expert Group 2017
496CaseActiveMajorReintroduction of DRG Z73 ‘Patient’s gender is missing’20182016-12-21Expert Group 2017
495CaseActiveMajorComparison of CC exclusions in SWE versions20182016-12-20Expert Group 2017
494CaseActiveMinorCardiac arrest, ICD-codes I46.0 and I46.920182016-12-16Expert Group 2017
493CaseActiveMinorDilatation and curettage of cervix uteri is not performed without anesthesia20182016-12-16Expert Group 2017

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