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11:57 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #575: NDF20/ NDSF11 has no PROCPRO
Finnish National DRG-Centre 19-1-2018
There is no code in Finnish vresion which would correspond to NCPS+ code NDS...
11:31 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #574: Polyneuropathy in diseases classified elsewhere
Finnish National DRG-Centre 19-1-2018
In Finnish ICD10 version the codes B99 and B88 are only on three characters ...


16:48 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #573 (Active): Procedures on embryo and ICSI
This case is linked to case #568 and concerns the different procedures on/with embryo and ICSI (Intracytop...
16:41 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #568: Revision of DRG 359O Uterine and adnexal procedures for non-malignancy, short therapy
Finnish National DRG-Centre 15-1-2018
In the text "Transfer of embryo" should be replaced by "Intervention on embr...


13:19 Nordic Casemix Centre Questions and answers #513: Possible change of the PROCPROP of KGV30 and KGV40 (implementation or...
Finnish National DRG-Centre 11-1-2018
We would like to keep that case active but postpone it to 2019 unless any ot...


10:48 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #538: Percutaneous occlusion of a. lienalis
Finnish National DRG-Centre 10-1-2018
No need for further discussion, thus, no changes in Finnish 2019 version.


09:16 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #565: Change DGCAT för ICD-codes G94- and some G93-codes
Finnish National DRG-Centre 8-1-2018
In Finnish version G94 has four subcodes with following DGCATs:
DGCAT 01M03 ...


09:59 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #564: Lymph node procedures in malignant melanomas
Finnish National DRG-Centre 8-1-2018
In Finland, the code PJD97 has not been used, the code PJD98 has been used on...


15:22 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #563: New outpatient DRG for catheter ablation
Finnish National DRG-Centre 5-1-2018
Finnish cost data support this change.
The cases in DRG 112O with ablation (...
14:03 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #561: Postoperative control of malignant melanoma
Finnish National DRG-Centre 5-1-2018
There is no subcodes of Z089 in ICD10 version used in Finland as it is in Swe...

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