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11:49 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #434: Candida infections as complicating dx
Finnish National DRG-Centre 17-4-2018
The changes Martti suggests and asks for comments from national orgnasations...


10:06 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #540: Procedures for ingrown nails
Finnish National DRG-Centre/Kristiina Kahur 16-4-2018
Just checking whether the last added technical changes By Ma...


18:35 Nordic Casemix Centre Development initiative #72: Primary care grouping
Overview of primary health care patient classification system in Finland
The aim of primary health care patient cl...


17:21 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #572: Revision the grouping rules of DRG 041Q
Finnish National DRG-Centre/Kristiina Kahur 10-4-2018
We are happy to learn that Swedish cost data support this ch...


13:26 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #459: Splenectomy, short therapy
Finnish National DRG-Centre 9-3-2018
The solution Sweden is providing seems fine for us when it comes to the dele...


14:55 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #568: Division of DRG 359O 'Uterine and adnexal procedures for non-malignancy, short therapy...
Finnish National DRG-Centre 7-3-2018
We carried out additional analysis based on the feedback to the case #573 and...


18:05 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #590: Prefabricated orthosis and the handmade orthosis, DRG 808Y and 908O
Finnish National DRG-Centre 6-3-2018
According to NCSP+ mapping the respective codes in Finland are TND31 and TND3...
16:33 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #593: New groups for audiology
Finnish National DRG-Centre 6-3-2018
We withdraw the case.


13:44 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #591: Symphatectomy for flushing and hyperhidrosis
Finnish National DRG-Centre
Just one case with code ADA20 in Finland in 2016 (main dx R610), grouped to DRG 7 (Per...


21:34 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #593 (Rejected): New groups for audiology
This case concerns the grouping of activities related to audiology. Currently the outpatient cases of audi...

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