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18:09 Nordic Casemix Centre NDMS #690: Use of ATC codes in NordDRG and NDMS
2021-03-18 Ralph D
Sweden have done alittle work on the ATC-code files in this case.
First and foremost, a fantasti...


11:00 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #747: Splitting of DRG 209D and 209E Insertion of primary hip replacement based the cause of...
2021-03-11 Ralph D
Sweden has two complication levels for Primary hip replacement. Here we want to investigate furth...
10:56 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #746: Preeclampsia, a serious pregnancy complication, need of splitting DRG 370 and 372?
2021-03-11 Ralph D
We are not sure if Norway has used the possibility of making different complikaion levels in the ...


15:34 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #731: Features of dg icd+ code U0700
2021-03-10 Ralph
In Sweden the code is used as a code for the disease, Vaping related disorder (Hälsotillstånd relat...
15:06 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #765: Correction of complication category of dg code T8500
2021-03-10 Ralph D
The error correction si ok with Sweden. We accept a property suggested by Nordic Casemix Centre a...
14:37 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #753: DRG grouping of procedurecode EGC30 – new DRG 57A
2021-03-10 Ralph D
This major case arrived to late for Sweden to investigate. Norway may introduce this if they want...
14:01 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #748: Complicating properties in MDC5- should all of them complicate the cases?
2021-03-10 Ralph D
Sweden has looked into our cost data and numbers for DRGs in MDC 05. Looking att one year data we...
13:50 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #745: Radiofrequency ablation treatment of Barrett’s esophagus with dysplasia
2021-03-10 Ralph D
Sweden have tried to get cost data that support this idea, unfortunately we cannot find any. As p...


15:28 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #729: Respiratory disorders in other diseases including Papilloma of larynx
2021-03-09 Ralph D:
Thank you for the new mapping, apreciate the extra work that you and Martti always do.
Then I h...


08:55 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #627: T855 groups to DRG 921O
2021-03-08 Ralph D
Sweden has actually done an investigation concerning changeing of the MDC. In Sweden only very fe...

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