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06:14 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #640: Tracheostomy on newborns
2019-03-10 Ralph Dahlgren
When grouping the Norwegian suggested diagnosis and procedure codes with the Swedish NordD...


17:43 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #634: Removal of urethal sphincter prothesis
2019-03-08 Ralph Dahlgren
The procedure code KDK40 Avlägsnande av artificiell sfinkter (KDK40 Removal of urethal sph...


14:07 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #639: NordDRG 2019 Swe defintion tables
2019-03-07 Ralph Dahlgren
Since we have not Heard anything from Martti we decided to remove the faulting Excell-file...


10:56 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #639: NordDRG 2019 Swe defintion tables
2019-02-28 Ralph Dahlgren
As you are Writing in your text Martti there are technical difficulties in the prouduction...
10:45 Nordic Casemix Centre Task #638: NordDRG 2019 combined definition tables.
2019-02-28 Ralph Dadhlgren
Sweden really apreciate the commonversion. It decreases the risk of making misstakes when...


16:46 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #612: Properties of procedure codes AEA24/AESA24 and AEA27/AESA27 revisited
2019-02-27 Ralph Dahlgren
The technical Changes is for Sweden that is not going to use 11S15 if I understand correct...


16:16 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #610: Subcodes of D758 ‘Other specified diseases of blood and blood-forming organs’
2019-02-24 Ralph Dahlgren
Sweden must say thank you again Martti for making comments. This time it turned out that w...
13:25 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #637 (Accepted): Generell Anestesia affects the grouping incorrect
Patients are grouped into A60A Serious traumatic brain injury, very complicated but if adding ZXH60 General ...


23:56 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #626: Integrating ICPC2 codes into NordDRG system
2019-02-23 Ralph Dahlgren
It would be interesting to know how Findland would incorporate this in their DRG system be...
23:36 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #565: Change DGCAT för ICD-codes G94- and some G93-codes
2019-02-23 Ralph Dahlgren
When going through old cases Sweden noticed that some Changes has not been done according ...

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