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14:25 Nordic Casemix Centre Version #713: NordDRG 2021 SWE
2020-12-01 Ralph D
We appreciate all your correct comments above Kristiina.
Unfortunately I am not as structured as...


09:08 Nordic Casemix Centre Task #716: Updated primary classifications for 2021
Now this Swedish update is later than usual but is due to late incoming changes.
Out of a clinical persp...


20:42 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #734: Polyneuropathy due to neuropathic heredofamial amyloidosis (G6330*E8510)
Reading this everyone should know that we agree in what Martti writes, the are an error.
E851 Neuropatis...
18:37 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #733: Resignation syndrome
2020-10-28 kl.17.30
Thank you for very fast response.
Just as you write Sweden has introduced an ICD-10SE code, F3...
14:34 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #731: Features of dg icd+ code U0700
Thank you for the information above. This clearify alot of things.
In Sweden U070 Hälsotillstånd relater...
14:14 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #729: Respiratory disorders in other diseases including Papilloma of larynx
This case is quite hard to understand and follow, not due to the text but due to the complexity of the co...


15:00 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #733: Resignation syndrome
2020-10-27 Ralph Dahlgren
Sweden already has done this correction in our PR-version for 2021. But Sweden want the co...
14:40 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #735: Swe code D136W Other benign neoplasm of pancreas
2020-10.27 Ralph Dahlgren
Martti, this code is already in the Swedish 2021 PR version. I think you are looking at so...


14:39 Nordic Casemix Centre Task #716: Updated primary classifications for 2021
2020-10-18 Ralph Dahlgren
Here comes a Swedish updated file for SWE PR 2021 definitiontables. This file replace the ...


08:29 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #724: WHO emergency code U07.3 and U07.4
2020-10-16 Ralph Dahlgren
The file that Martti put up in this case turned out to be the correct codes from WHO.

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