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21:00 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #683: Breast lift/ mastopexy
2020-03-08 Ralph Dahlgren
First I have a question, I do not understand, probably due to my poor English, and that is...
17:21 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #693: Procedures to treat lymphedema.
2020-03-08 Ralph Dahlgren
Martti are correct, the code Q8200 'Hereditary lymphoedema' should also be incuded as ment...
17:06 Nordic Casemix Centre Development initiative #549: Psychiatry
2020-03-08 Ralph Dahlgren
Details can also be seen in case #582.
17:05 Nordic Casemix Centre Development initiative #549: Psychiatry
2020-03-08 Ralph Dahlgren
Sweden has developed DRGs for Psychiatric out- and in-patients for the specialized care. I...


20:35 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #679: Adding OR 2 to procedure codes related to injection into joint
2020-03-06 RD
Sweden can agree to give the involved Swedish code TNF11 Injektion av diagnostisk eller terapeutisk su...
15:58 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #685: OR 1 is changed to OR 2 for 44 procedurecodes named "Injection of…."
2020-03-06 Ralph Dahlgren
Sweden do not agree that this case is an ‘Error Correction’, it is rather a ‘minor’ case.


21:22 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #675: DRG grouping of procedure code EGC30 Implant of jaw joint prothesis
2020-03-05 Ralph Dahlgren:
In the enclosed word dokument is clinical information why Sweden mostly use patient custo...
16:21 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #677: Changing the features of diagnosis code U07.1
2020-03-05 Ralph Dahlgren
Sweden has thought about this issue, time has made certain things clearer and some others ...


08:12 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #663: Error correction in Psychiatric open daycare for Sweden in DRGlogic.
2020-03-04 Ralph Dahlgren
Thank you Martti for doing this update. Going through the updates again I realised that we...


13:15 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #669: Change of grouping the hemodialysis cases with main diagnosis from MDC10 from DRG 810O...
2020-03-03 Ralph Dahlgren
This case is in Sweden connected to #689 C757 Merging the Swedish outpatient DRGs M32P & M...

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