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14:37 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #783: Norwegian changes to ICD-10 and procedurecodes for 2020
Thank you for making us aware of this. A general heading has created an error in our tables.
The codes mentioned w...


15:08 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #776: Error correction for ICD-codes Q41
We want the same correction done in the Norwegian version for 2022.


13:12 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #674: Hypertherm perfusion
The DRG name in the Norwegian version will be
"Annen perkutan kardiovaskulær prosedyre eller hyperterm perfusjon",...


13:13 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #759: 09S08 in DRG J39_269_270
We have decided not to make changes to the Norwegian version for 2022.
As reported earlier we support the change, an...


14:31 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #758: Trauma groups U51N & U59N
Based on the analyses done by Sweden after the expert group meeting, we will maintain our desire for a change in hier...


15:57 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #759: 09S08 in DRG J39_269_270
In principle Norway supports the proposed change. We completely agree that it is illogical that there are stricter re...


15:52 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #738: MDC change in DRG group 340O Testes procedures, short therapy
As in the Swedish and Finnish version, DRG 340 / 340O already is placed in MDC 12. No need for change in the Norwegia...
15:46 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #741: Splitting DRG 467 Other factors influencing health status based on the CC/non-CC
According to the Norwegian activity data for all hospitals in 2020, the DRG have 2020 cases. Most of the cases have a...
13:33 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #758: Trauma groups U51N & U59N
Norway support a change in hierarchy between DRG 486 and 485, as well as the name change for DRG 486. We will impleme...


16:44 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #696: DRG assignment for COVID-19
Please find an updated link to the coding guidelines: [[

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