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14:55 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #454: Merge of DRGs 482 and 482O
20170530 Susan Berggren
When we went through the tecknical changes, we discover that Martti has not changed the dura...


11:46 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #495: Comparison of CC exclusions in SWE versions
Could you please send this mail to all of us in the expertgroup
Big hug
Susann Bengtsson-Berggren


13:06 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #500: Complementary dx codes that may not be used as main diagnos
*2017-03-09 Susan Berggren NPK, Sweden*
Look at our suggestion 2


11:26 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #509: Merging DRGs 040N Extraocular procedures except orbit age >17and DRG 041 Other interve...
*Susan Berggren NPK, Sweden 2017-03-02*
Sweden has no age limit, so this is not an issue for Sweden


16:05 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #525: K50.8 Crohns disease (Crohns disease in both small and large disease)
*Susan Berggren NPK,Sweden 2017-03-01*
Sweden accepts the proposal, but find that even K509 Crohn's disease, unspec...
14:46 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #482: Prostate biopsy
Susan Berggren NPK, Sweden 2017-03-01
Sweden does not have this problem, any biopsy regardless of diagnosis leads to...
11:33 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #480: Desensitization to allergens
Susan Berggren NPK,Sweden 2017-03-01
Sweden has nothing against that Norway makes this change. We shall review wheth...
09:47 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #479: Delete DRG 908R Ortopedisk diagnostisk ultralyd

Susan Berggren The National Board of Health And Welfare
Sweden accepts the proposal, have no objection.


14:54 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #543: Dupuytren’s contracture treated with the procedure NDM06 Percutaneous needle fasciotom...
Susan Berggren The Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare 2017-02-28
Sweden has not DRG 808I, so it's not an i...

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