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10:32 Nordic Casemix Centre Version #708: NordDRG 2021 EST
Nordic Casemix Centre/Kristiina Kahur 12-1-2021
Thank you for feedback.
The EST2021PR1 tables are uploaded to the...


15:13 Nordic Casemix Centre Version #709: NordDRG 2021 FIN
Nordic Casemix Centre/Kristiina Kahur 12-12-2020
Due to the changes reported on ticket #724, #726 and #736 updated...


15:14 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #736 (Accepted): Correction of rules related to diagnosis codes with DGCAT in Finnish version
This case concerns 21 Finnish diagnosis codes which have DGCAT 24M99. Since MDC24 was inactivated in Finni...
12:20 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #724: WHO emergency code U07.3 and U07.4
Nordic Casemix Centre/Kristiina Kahur 10-12-2020
The required changes have been made in Finnish 2021 tables.


10:58 Nordic Casemix Centre Version #710 (Closed): NordDRG 2021 ICE
Nordic Casemix Centre/Kristiina Kahur 3-12-2020
Based on the feedback from Iceland, the correction regarding dg co...


10:57 Nordic Casemix Centre Version #711 (Closed): NordDRG 2021 LAT
Nordic Casemix Centre/Kristiina Kahur 1-12-2020
Thank you for your feedback.
00M00 has been added to DGCAT names...


16:43 Nordic Casemix Centre NDMS #688: Delivery of stand-alone NDMS package and NDMS Manual
Nordic Casemix Centre/Kristiina Kahur 24-11-2020
We have updated the NDMS manual (V2.0) which is attached to the t...


13:32 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #733 (Accepted): Resignation syndrome
Nordic Casemix Centre/Kristiina Kahur 12-11-2020
ICD+ code F323A Resignation syndrome (F323A Uppgivenhetssyndrom) ...
11:53 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #734 (Accepted): Polyneuropathy due to neuropathic heredofamial amyloidosis (G6330*E8510)
11:24 Nordic Casemix Centre Task #716 (Closed): Updated primary classifications for 2021
Nordic Casemix Center/Kristiina Kahur 12-11-2020
By now, all updates in primary classification should have been ta...

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