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15:45 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #744: Features for diagnosis codes U11.9 and U12.9
No changes needed in Finnish version because Finland is using existing ICD10 codes for vaccination and adverse effects.


12:47 Nordic Casemix Centre Development initiative #75: Rehabilitation
Developing patient classification system for rehab patients -project is no longer active as there were no data or gui...
12:08 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #751: New DRG:s for aftercare for cardiovascular disease
Very few cases in DRG 466 (no cc/non-cc splitin FIN version), in 2018 only 25, none of them are related to cardiology...
12:05 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #748: Complicating properties in MDC5- should all of them complicate the cases?
This needs in-depth analysis before removing the complicating properties from diagnosis codes.
FIN does not support...
12:03 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #745: Radiofrequency ablation treatment of Barrett’s esophagus with dysplasia
From the clinical point of view the change is ok. However, we have no data to conduct the cost analysis and support t...
11:59 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #744: Features for diagnosis codes U11.9 and U12.9
Finland would like to have same properties as Sweden, except PDGPROP 18P10.
09:49 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #740: Intravesical instillation
ZXXX36 ’Intravesical’ - respective code in FIN version is ZX136 (Virtsarakkoon) indicating the way of administration ...
09:38 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #730: Dg code with activating DGPROP and inactivated CC-category
The suggested change is logical. Finland supports removal of DGPROP 04X02 from dg code J042 and changing COMPL 03I01 ...
09:32 Nordic Casemix Centre NDMS #662: CC category coding and CC exclusions in NordDRG
In principle the proposition makes sense, but if implemented the change needs lots of work. Finland does not support ...


12:37 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #737: National varval texts
In Finland there is no need to translate the English names into Finnish ones.

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