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09:34 Nordic Casemix Centre Version #709: NordDRG 2021 FIN
FIN grouper version 2021:
Finland has tested the PL0 version and testing results are ok.
NCC can deliver PL1 t...


09:00 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #697: Combined lung & liver transplantation
We checked our data and are supporting this error correction. Our data show that lung transplantation is ca 25% more ...


13:57 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #696: DRG assignment for COVID-19
Finnish ICD10 is now updated and the coding standards approved and we would like to receive the updated 2020 Finnish ...
13:02 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #683: Breast lift/ mastopexy
We had a look at our data and agree to add PROCPR 09S02 to HASD and HASE codes listed in Kristin’s update.
This ch...


09:05 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #677: Changing the features of diagnosis code U07.1
In Finland the hospital districts have been requested that ICD-10 code of U07.1 (covid-19) needs to be added to the 2...


13:19 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #658: EST_DRG name correction
The Finnish names for following groups are:
493 Endoskooppinen tai laparoskooppinen sappirakon poisto tai sappirak...


18:28 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #595: Swedish logic changes to outpatient DRG's
Finnish DRG names have been changed concerning groups MCD12 and MDC13. The changes will be made to the Finnish versio...


08:51 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #679 (Accepted): Adding OR 2 to procedure codes related to injection into joint
This case concerns procedure codes NFXX11 (TNF11, NF2BT, NF2AT in Finnish version) Injection of diagnostic...


14:19 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #670 (Rejected): Adding to diagnosis code E6600 Obesity due to excess calories the complicat...
Patients having obesity have impact on treatment and recovery from the main problem they have been treated...
14:16 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #669 (Accepted): Change of grouping the hemodialysis cases with main diagnosis from MDC10 fr...
Currently the cases having main diagnosis from MDC10 and procedure code with property 11S09 Dialysis, are ...

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