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17:43 Nordic Casemix Centre Version #710: NordDRG 2021 ICE
Thank you. No comments from Iceland.


17:20 Nordic Casemix Centre Version #710: NordDRG 2021 ICE
Yes, please, would like to have only English names in the name_short column.


16:54 Nordic Casemix Centre Version #710: NordDRG 2021 ICE
Just minor comments. Few MDC groups are missing, see excel file. And sometimes there is an Icelandic name instead of ...


12:30 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #590: Prefabricated orthosis and the handmade orthosis, DRG 808Y and 908O
Iceland accepts the updated change


17:19 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #669: Change of grouping the hemodialysis cases with main diagnosis from MDC10 from DRG 810O...
Iceland would like this change in its groupper.
17:00 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #666: Split of DRG 294 Diabetes age > 35 into non-CC, CC and MCC
Iceland would like to split DRG 294 into two groups like Norway.
294C Sykursýki, 36 ára og eldri, með aukakvillum
14:00 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #683: Breast lift/ mastopexy
Iceland accepts the Swedish proposal and wants it applied for the Icelandic groupper.
13:36 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #668: Separating short therapy diabetes cases from DRG 910O
Iceland would also like to separate the short therapy diabetes cases from DRG 910O and create a new DRG 295O for thos...


19:10 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #665: Merge of DRGs 286O Adrenal & pituitary procedures, short therapy and 289O Parathyroid ...
Iceland would like to have this change in the Icelandic version.
The Icelandic name for the new group 287O is:
18:52 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #658: EST_DRG name correction
The corresponding Icelandic names are:
493- Aðgerð á gallblöðru eða gallgöngum í kviðarholsspeglun eða holspeglun,...

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