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15:29 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #577: Catheter-based valve implantation
2018-04-16 Martti Virtanen
I agree with Sweden about the changes.
The combined changes for all versions are includ...
15:20 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #577: Catheter-based valve implantation
2018-03-12 Expert group
Expert group agreed on the princples. The location of the rules with 05S80 need correction a...
13:52 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #434: Candida infections as complicating dx
2018-04-16 Martti Virtanen
I write this separately since it is a separate issue.
In this process we have not discu...
11:37 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #434: Candida infections as complicating dx
2018-03-12 Expert group
The expert group agreed that the Swedish proposals are OK but the B378W 'Candidiasis of othe...


12:16 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #591: Symphatectomy for flushing and hyperhidrosis
2018-04-03 Martti Virtanen
Liselotte noticed an error in technical changes. Two 'IN'-rows were with 01X21 instead of...


14:01 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #592: Error correction of NordDRG SWE 2018
2018-03-28 Martti Virtanen
Because the content of 11S25 is identical with 99V02, the change of the rules with 99V0...


11:43 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #503: DRG 315 Other kidney and urinary tract o. r. procedures– splitting into different groups
2018-03-13 Martti Virtanen
One more correction.
Interventions with 11S15 are not allways OR=1 and therefore the ana...


10:17 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #561: Postoperative control of malignant melanoma
2018-03-12 Martti Virtanen
This is typing error, corrected now.
10:09 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #540: Procedures for ingrown nails
2018-03-12 Martti Virtanen
Mats has right- there is a larger number of interventions with 09S07 without OR=1. I thin...


15:53 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #533: Problems with "missing values" in the NordDRG system
2018-03-09 Martti Virtanen
The duration of outpatients in Sweden and Norway should be 0 acording to previous agreeme...

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