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17:40 Nordic Casemix Centre NDMS #690: Use of ATC codes in NordDRG and NDMS
2021-02-27 NCC Martti Virtanen
WHO-ATC codes are now mapped to the existing drug codes in NDMS and MBC and to the ...


15:05 Nordic Casemix Centre Grouper #719: Diagnosis property 23X01 & properties ending with X99
2020-02-16 Martti Virtanen NCC
This case turns out to be very complicated, and we need extended creative thinking. I...
14:40 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #745: Radiofrequency ablation treatment of Barrett’s esophagus with dysplasia
2021-02-19 Nordcase Martti Virtanen
Barret’s oesophagus (K2270 is a premalignant condition of lower part of oesopha...


14:19 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #742: New DRG 805P (805NP) Cardioversion, short therapy, in Finnish version
2021-02-16 Martti Virtanen NCC
Since cases with simple cardioversion demands less resources than the other cases in ...


15:22 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #729: Respiratory disorders in other diseases including Papilloma of larynx
2020-12-09 NCC Senior counsultant Martti Virtanen
See also case #713.
The matter of the code pair J9980*B9770 needs...
15:19 Nordic Casemix Centre Version #713: NordDRG 2021 SWE
2020-12-09 NCC senior consultant Martti Virtanen
The table includes teh statement from Sweden that the code pair J9...


15:19 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #724: WHO emergency code U07.3 and U07.4
2020-11-05 Casemix Centre MV
The ICD+ is now changed according to the latest version of WHO ICD-10. The covid-19 cod...


11:23 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #734: Polyneuropathy due to neuropathic heredofamial amyloidosis (G6330*E8510)
2020-11-04 Casemix Centre MV
We corrected now also the pair G6330*E8510 to be the same as G6330*8540.
Propertes ar...


10:55 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #733: Resignation syndrome
2020-11-03 Casemix centre (Martti Virtanen)
We create a new code for Resignation syndrome in ICD+. It will have the ...


10:54 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #733: Resignation syndrome
2020-10-28 Martti Virtanen
Currently F3220 belongs to COMPL 19C07. We can change this to 19G07 but then both Swe cod...

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