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13:44 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #567 (Active): MDC-specific DRG-groups for nurse visits
_National Board of Health and Welfare, Sweden – 2017-12-21_
Nurses have independent patient visits in man...


15:32 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #565 (Active): Change DGCAT för ICD-codes G94- and some G93-codes
*Problem* _The Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare, CPK-ID 730_
We have found that the ICD-10-codes under G...


14:35 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #563 (Active): New outpatient DRG for catheter ablation
*Problem* _CPK-ID 713_
Cardiologists have noted that catheter ablation procedures in outpatient health care are grou...


12:10 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #561 (Active): Postoperative control of malignant melanoma
If a postoperative control of a malignant melanoma is coded with ICD-10 codes
Z080 Follow-up examination ...


15:31 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #560 (Active): The procedure NAM29 moved from DRG C56 (187)
It is obvious that the procedure NAM29 'Suture of fascia of spine or neck' does not fit in DRG C56 (187) 'Dental extr...


14:45 Nordic Casemix Centre Questions and answers #460: Suggestions for a better upgrading process
+*Veronika Stemme, NPK, Sweden, 2017-08-16*+
I have translated the document ”PM för att skriva ‘technical changes’ f...


16:00 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #492: Assessment of ECG without contact with patient
+Veronika Stemme, Sweden+
We want the changes as described in the original technical changes, concerning the procedu...
15:38 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #497: Outpatient ECT to DRG T76O/877V - Electroconvulsive Therapy
+Veronika Stemme, Sweden+
In theory we agree that there is a risk that cases with ECT combined with another procedur...


15:07 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #493: Dilatation and curettage of cervix uteri is not performed without anesthesia
+Veronika Stemme, Sweden:+
Since the change should only be implemented for Sweden and Norway, we have made new techn...


10:56 Nordic Casemix Centre Questions and answers #519: Endovascular coiling of cerebral arteries
+Veronika Stemme, Sweden:+
The Swedish data are translated to English, please see file Swedish data NCC#519(2)

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