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14:45 Nordic Casemix Centre Questions and answers #460: Suggestions for a better upgrading process
+*Veronika Stemme, NPK, Sweden, 2017-08-16*+
I have translated the document ”PM för att skriva ‘technical changes’ f...


16:00 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #492: Assessment of ECG without contact with patient
+Veronika Stemme, Sweden+
We want the changes as described in the original technical changes, concerning the procedu...
15:38 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #497: Outpatient ECT to RG T76O/877V - Electroconvulsive Therapy
+Veronika Stemme, Sweden+
In theory we agree that there is a risk that cases with ECT combined with another procedur...


15:07 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #493: Dilatation and curettage of cervix uteri is not performed without anesthesia
+Veronika Stemme, Sweden:+
Since the change should only be implemented for Sweden and Norway, we have made new techn...


10:56 Nordic Casemix Centre Questions and answers #519: Endovascular coiling of cerebral arteries
+Veronika Stemme, Sweden:+
The Swedish data are translated to English, please see file Swedish data NCC#519(2)


10:50 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #494: Cardiac arrest, ICD-codes I46.0 and I46.9
+Veronika Stemme, Sweden+:
In Sweden the ICD-10-code I46.0, 'Cardiac arrest with successful resuscitation' but not I...


13:23 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #538: Percutaneous occlusion of a. lienalis
+Veronika Stemme+:
Sweden has the same problem, but we do not have DRG 392 'Operation of spleen..’. Addition of proc...
13:00 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #544: Normal newborn, birth weight over 2500 g, with other significant problem
+Veronika Stemme, Sweden+:
Sweden does not want this change since, in Swedish KPP, the mean costs for the mentioned ...
10:33 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #520: Hypothermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC CRS) in colorectal cancer, pseudomyxom...
+Veronika Stemme,Sweden+:
Very few cases with these procedure codes in Sweden. In KPP 2015 no cases with DJ013’Tunnt...


15:57 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #528: Delayed suture or wound revision with delayed suture
*+Veronika Stemme, Sweden*:+
The codes do exist in Sweden except for QXG30 .The cases in Sweden are grouped like thi...

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