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11:07 Nordic Casemix Centre NDMS #656: Delivery of Nordic DRG Grouper package
EHIF, Malle Avarsoo
We would like to start to use the DRG grouper package. Please provide all needed files and man...


11:59 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #658 (Active): EST_DRG name correction
Several DRG names ( 494,493, 494O) in Estonian version are not in clinical correlation with the NCSP codes used in gr...


14:10 Nordic Casemix Centre Task #650: Updates of national primary classifications for 2020
Herby we have managed to conclude the updating process for new NCSP+2020 codes togheter with our specialty societies...


09:08 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #645: Delivery of NordDRG 2020PL0 definition tables EST
As there were some technical errors in features of diagnoses and procedures our main focus during testing was on logi...


12:30 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #632: TFG (Tjenesteforløpsgruppe)
As a lot of us are spending time and effort moving towards value based payment methods, I suggest we try to find time...


10:58 Nordic Casemix Centre Task #597: NCSP+ and ICD+ updates for 2019
Estonia has no modifications to add.
From: Hifian Hifi On Behalf Of documents@nordcas...


13:00 Nordic Casemix Centre Questions and answers #551 (Active): FNG05 and TFP00 lead to DRG 115A Removal of permanent car...
NCSP codes FNG05 and TFP00 seem to have clinically conflicting importance.
Please look into the following discover...


16:48 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #476 (Accepted): KBE22 OR property correction
> NCSP codes KBE12 and KBE22 have different OR properties and give different grouping both in short stay and regula...

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