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12:39 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #679: Adding OR 2 to procedure codes related to injection into joint
We support this change, but for the Norwegian codes we only want to add OR=2 to the procedurecode NFX11 'Injeksjon av...


15:39 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #613: Interventions with 09S07 'Other skin, subcutaneous tissue or breast procedure' without...
When looking into this case we understand that the combination 09S07 and OR 2 should not occur. In the Norwegian drgl...


16:34 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #685 (Further active): OR 1 is changed to OR 2 for 44 procedurecodes named "Injection of…."
For different "Injection of…" procedurecodes in Chapter P 'Peripheral vessels and the lymphatic system' (i...


16:41 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #682 (Accepted): Chronic uveitis treated with specific biological drug treatment should grou...
This problem has been reported from Helse Møre og Romsdal HF. When patients are treated with biological drug treatmen...
12:05 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #590: Prefabricated orthosis and the handmade orthosis, DRG 808Y and 908O
Norway will also implement this change for the other procedurecodes for prefabricated orthosis. This means that also ...


15:23 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #675 (Further active): DRG grouping of procedure code EGC30 Implant of jaw joint prothesis
With this case we want to initiate a discussion about an inquiry we got from the medical professionals in ...


10:01 Nordic Casemix Centre Task #651: Norwegian changes to ICD-10 and procedurecodes for 2020
Norwegian changes codes and properties added.


12:06 Nordic Casemix Centre Task #651 (Closed): Norwegian changes to ICD-10 and procedurecodes for 2020
National versions of Norwegian ICD-10 and procedurecodes for 2020.


15:07 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #627: T855 groups to DRG 921O
You are of course right Mats, this will also affect in-patient grouping which is also our intention. This will affect...


13:10 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #625: Property COMPL 19C02 should be removed from F729 and F739
Given that both these codes are included in a case Sweden are working on for 2021, we withdraw this case for 2020 and...

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