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12:06 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #651 (Active): Norwegian changes to ICD-10 and procedurecodes for 2020
National versions of Norwegian ICD-10 and procedurecodes for 2020.


15:07 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #627: T855 groups to DRG 921O
You are of course right Mats, this will also affect in-patient grouping which is also our intention. This will affect...


13:10 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #625: Property COMPL 19C02 should be removed from F729 and F739
Given that both these codes are included in a case Sweden are working on for 2021, we withdraw this case for 2020 and...


15:32 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #627 (Further active): T855 groups to DRG 921O
ICD-10 code T855 "Mekaniske komplikasjoner ved proteser, implantater og transplantater i fordøyelsesorgane...


16:15 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #625 (Rejected): Property COMPL 19C02 should be removed from F729 and F739
Within the ICD-10 codes F70-F79 Mental retardation only the codes
F72.9 Severe mental retardation without...


11:50 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #535 (Rejected): Central Venous catheters
This case was closed in the expert group meeting in Reykjavik. Norway withdraw this case.
11:32 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #563: New outpatient DRG for catheter ablation
This case was accepted for everybody according to the Minutes from Maisa (March 12th). Norway is not included in the ...


11:02 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #576: Merge of DRG 292 and DRG 293
We withdraw the case.
11:00 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #588: DQB10/DQSB10 ‘Endoscopic excision of lesion of larynx’ must have OR 1
Norway support this change.


14:16 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #577 (Accepted): Catheter-based valve implantation
Oslo University Hospital is performing implantations of valve protheses (children and adults). A limited n...

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