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16:09 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #558: Splitting of DRG 224 and DRG 224O
You are right, there is not possible to fill in the target year 2019.
This case is meant for the target year 2019 ...


20:42 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #558 (Active): Splitting of DRG 224 and DRG 224O
DRG 224 “Operations on humerus/elbow and forearm exclusive shoulderartroplasty” and DRG 224O “Operations on humerus/e...


15:26 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #516: Rearranging the cases in DRG 038O Primary iris procedures, short therapy and 042O Intr...
Norway has gone through the technical changes and the regrouping do to the changes in the eye DRGs.
There are a fe...


16:54 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #536 (Accepted): «Reconstruction-total replacements» procedures
«Reconstruction-total replacements» procedures
In Norway we have several procedures for total replacement in hip, sh...
16:45 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #535 (Further active): Central Venous catheters
Central Venous catheter (CVK) will in outpatients with malign diseases report to DRG 877O “Other polyclinical contact...


14:50 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #532 (Accepted): ENA Incision in palate
The procedure EHA00 incision in palate and the procedures ENA00 Incision in pharynx and EMA00 Incision in the tonsill...


18:56 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #528 (Rejected): Delayed suture or wound revision with delayed suture
The DRG weight of the skin procedures QxG30 Delayed suture compared to the DRG weight for QxB05 Wound revision with d...
18:43 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #527 (Accepted): Plastic surgery after excessive weight loss (incl post bariatric surgery)
From 2016 we introduced four new procedure codes for post bariatric surgery. These four codes replaced a single proce...
18:28 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #526 (Rejected): K66.2 Retroperitoneal fibrosis
K66.2 retroperitonel fibrosis replaces the code N13.5 in Norway. We therefore would like the code K66 to have the sam...
18:15 Nordic Casemix Centre Case #525 (Accepted): K50.8 Crohns disease (Crohns disease in both small and large disease)
K50.0 Crohns disease of small intestine and K50.1 Crohns disease of large intestine has complicating properties, howe...

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